On Hot Tubs


I am The Diner Enthusiast, but I also love hot tubs. I am not technically a hot tub enthusiast. I'm a hot tub hobbyist. The distinction is important.

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. They call these hot tub varieties. My favorite variety is the glasfiber vildmarksbad. That's Swedish for fiberglass wilderness. Other varieties include but are not limited to the wooden hot tub, the acrylic hot tub, the cement hot tub, the stainless steel hot tub, and the inflatable 'backyard' tub. 


Hot tubs are more than just beautiful pieces of design and engineering. They promote healthy lifestyle habits. We all know hot tubs are excellent natural stress relievers. But, did you know they are also great for blood stimulation, arthritis relief, scoliosis, and the hiccups?

Hot tubs make more sense than almost anything I can think of. 

My mother’s name was Susan. She died when I was twelve. I remember going on exotic family vacations every summer. Me, my dad, my older brother and sister, and my mom. It didn’t matter to me where we went, but it mattered to her. She wasn’t a happy person. She worked hard during the year. That one week every summer was her only break. And so she would call every motel we ever stayed at in advance to make sure they had a hot tub. 

I don't remember that much about her. But when I think about her, I see her sitting on the ledge of a hot tub at sunset with a cigarette dangling from her hand. Her hair tied up above her head. Very big pointy sunglasses. And I remember her smiling at me. 

Those are my thoughts on hot tubs. Leave your's in the comments below and we can discuss. 

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