Waverly Restaurant


Waverly Diner, located at 385 6th Ave. Open 24 hours. Official name is Waverly Restaurant, but it's a diner.


Waverley Restaurant is not a restaurant. It’s a diner. But, it’s called a restaurant, although it is a diner. I’m going to refer to it as Waverly Diner for the rest of this post so you don’t get confused. But, if you’re looking this establishment up, please search for it as Waverly Restaurant.

The Diner Aesthetic

This is the diner interior I imagine when I read any type of diner scene in a novel, which is often. The colors are warm. The space itself is narrow, but deep, and one half of the room is slightly raised above the other. The topographic alteration is brilliant. It transforms the space from a flat, one-dimensional cafeteria to a more textured, nuanced dining room. I also love the small bar counter with individual seating deep in the belly of the diner.

The Diner Enthusiast says: "Enthused, very."

The Service

The service at Waverly Diner is superb. The waiters are quick and assured. If you want to make a substitution, they’ll reply to any meal requests without hesitation. I respect any diner in which the waiters are clearly given the authority to do their jobs.

The Diner Enthusiast says: "I am particularly enthused."

The Food

The food at Waverly Diner raises the level of diner food. I wouldn’t say it’s outstanding, but it’s not far off. Here’s what I ordered:

  • Coffee

  • Pancakes, maple syrup.

  • Two eggs, over-easy. Homefries.

~The Coffee

This might be the best diner coffee I can think of. I’m not sure if that’s because of the frequent hot refills that kept the roast fresh in my cup or if it’s because of the actual coffee bean quality. Either way, the end result was hot, flavorful, sexy.

~The Pancakes

I don’t think these were pancakes I’ll ever write about, but they were respectable. Nice width, decent fluff. I think the experience would have been improved with a stronger maple syrup.


~The Eggs and Homefries

I was enthused. The eggs were cooked perfectly. I sponged up the yolk debris with the salty, nostalgic home fries and thought about my nights in the Carnival Cruise hot tub, summer of '94. 


The Diner Enthusiast says: “I am particularly enthused once again.”

The Price

The total came to $19.25 before tip. That’s almost exactly on par with Veselka’s pricing.

The Diner Enthusiast says: “Status quo pricing.”


Closing Remarks

Waverly Diner excels in all facets of the diner experience. This might be the one diner I’d recommend to someone looking for the ‘New York’ diner experience. Remember, however, the perceived merits of a diner are deeply personal and should always be judged on an individual basis.

Discussion Points

Diners are not black and white. My goal is to discuss diners, not to review them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I’ve left a few discussion points below to help start your conversations in the comments section.

  • If you're eating alone, do you prefer a two-seat booth or a seat at the bar? Discuss.

  • Do you like wide pancakes or smaller, stacked cakes? Discuss.

  • What’s your favorite piece of diner fiction? Hold the erotica please. Discuss

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